2nd assessor workshop MX

2nd assessor workshop: Impulse presentations on digitization & sustainability

Dear MXers,

Many thanks to the voluntary network of assessors who participated in the first assessor workshop of the MX Award 2021 in a numerous and constructive way.

While the first workshop primarily focused on suggestions for improvement in the sense of the CIP, ITCL GmbH and TU Berlin now invite you to the 2nd assessor workshop. The second workshop will focus on impulse presentations on digitalization & sustainability. We will address the following agenda:

  • 1st Impulse: Digitalization and Sustainability in Practice,
    Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy (ITCL GmbH)
  • 2nd impulse: Digital Twin,
    Simon Zarnitz (TU Berlin)
  • 3rd impulse: Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management,
    Manuel Weinke (TU Berlin)
  • 4th SAA: Further development around the topics of digitalization and sustainability

I look forward to seeing you,

Your Daniel Roy


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