Guest lecturer at the University of Potsdam

Guest lecturer at the University of Potsdam

On 18.07.2022 the time had come! Daniel Roy was able to give the lecture on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) as a guest lecturer of the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems ( at the University of Potsdam for the Business Informatics program. The focus of his lecture was the evolution of factory operations from the

  • Lean Factory: Lean Six Sigma process optimization, via the
  • Automated Factory: Lean + technological process optimization to the
  • Smart Factory: Data-based process optimization and the current developments towards the
  • Smart Supply Chain: Data-based planning optimization to the
  • Smart Service Supply Chain: Data-based business models.

Digitization is a key enabler for the integration of production and logistics networks and the development of business models.

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