Logistics platforms as drivers for smart ecosystems

Publication in the magazine “Industrie 4.0 Management” 05/2020 by Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy and Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Fellenberg

The two authors Daniel Roy (ITCL GmbH) and Matthias Fellenberg (Lobster PRO GmbH) deal with the topic “Logistics platforms as drivers for smart ecosystems – supply chain visibility as an initial step for transparency and control of integrated real-time supply chains” in their article in the current issue of Industrie 4.0 Management.

Markets will change dramatically due to the megatrend platforming. For previously isolated markets, such as Smart Factory, Smart Logistics or Smart Grids, this offers the potential to create interconnected “smart Ecosystems”. Logistics platforms as an instrument of networking are a key driver of this platform economy. In the application for Supply Chain Visibility, logistics platforms promote the transparency and control of logistics chains and thus represent an essential first step towards smart ecosystems.

Link to the article: https://www.industrie40-management.de/sites/industrie-management.de/files/pdf/roy_Logistikplattformen-als-Treiber-fuer-smarte-Oekosysteme_IM2020_5.pdf
Link to the magazine: https://www.industrie40-management.de/node/413


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