Interview in the BVL magazine 2019

Interview with our head Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy in the current BVL magazine

Daniel Roy was interviewed in the current magazine Ein.Zwei.Drei.Vier of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik with the title “Als Digital Leader den Wandel begleiten”.

Excerpts from the interview text:

Stronger growth, more turnover and profit: actively implementing digitization in one’s own company is not only absolutely necessary in order not to lose the connection, it also offers many opportunities. The responsibility for initiating and accompanying this process lies with the executives – they become digital leaders who face completely new challenges.

Shaping development
“Digital leaders should develop a vision for the company and their employees. It should be less a question of what the future will look like. Rather, it’s about the future we want to live and work in – because you can shape this development yourself,” explains Dr. Daniel Roy […].

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