Job openings

Anne Hößelbarth

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We grow continuously and therefore welcome new ITCL team members. In our job openings, our vacant positions are listed for different specialist and entry positions. In case you do not want to apply for a specific job offer, we look forward to your unsolicited application.

Details about the application process can be found on the site application.

Current job openings

Consultant Logistics Planning
As a consultant of the ITCL team, your tasks comprise amongst others the development and implementation of logistics strategies, designing customer-oriented value creation networks, the conception of flexibility and risk management approaches or the design of sustainable logistics processes.

Working student or intern
Joining the ITCL team as a working student or intern, you support the team in designing customer-oriented flexible planning procedures in the customer order process, developing efficient standard supply concepts or assessing the ecological footprint of supply networks.

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