Future-oriented strategy development

State-of-the-art technologies and visionary approaches ensure sustainability and offer opportunities for unique competitive advantages

Our approach

  • Utilizing the possibilities of new developments such as industry 4.0, Internet of things or big data in logistics
  • Strategic establishment of innovative sustainability and flexibility objectives
  • Creation of future scenario for business processes, identifying new possibilities and setting the course for the future ( Web page for the logistics 4.0 consortial study by ITCL)
  • Apposite methods such as scenario technique, design thinking or future workshops to project future scenarios and to generate novel ideas
  • Making use of our expansive research network, which provides the latest insights and developments from all continents
  • Development of a futuristic logistics strategy that enables the communication and implemention of long-term objectives and measures and gives a precise orientation to employees as well as external business partners

Our expertise

  • Action concepts for the use of new trends such as industry 4.0, Internet of things and big data in logistics
  • Automation and real-time visibility of logistics processes
  • Integration and networking
  • Decentralized planning and control of logistics functions
  • Intelligent evaluation of big data sets
  • Potentials and requirements of environmental and social sustainability in logistics
  • Strategic guidelines to improve the robustness and flexibility of logistics processes

Your value

  • Expectations for future-oriented logistics that are realisticly planned and validated by experts

Specific topics


Sustainability in logistics


Flexibility management

Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 in logistics

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