Industry 4.0 in logistics

The role of industry 4.0 in logistics and our approach

The interconnection of people and objects has increased in recent years. In the future the physical world will merge with the virtual world through the internet of things – cyber physical systems (CPS) are formed. The industrial application of the internet of things is called Industry 4.0; the integration of Industry 4.0 concepts into logistics Logistics 4.0. The result is a transparent and collaborative value creation environment that offers the potential for industrial and logistics companies to fulfil individual customer requirements efficiently through flexibility and resource productivity. As a result of the innovative nature of this topic, companies face the challenge to utilize the potentials of Industry 4.0 and to determine the best possible measures for the production and logistics system according to their requirements as well as implementing these.

Industry 4.0 Concept
Industry 4.0 Concept

Fields of action

The versatility of cyber-physical systems as well as the low experience of companies with respect to the implementation and the benefits of Industry 4.0 concepts require a systematic identification and assessment of existing measures. Furthermore, specific solutions that meet the business requirements have to be developed. The impact of the measures on the achievement of objectives and their interaction has to be analyzed. The structured and sustainable implementation of appropriate concepts requires the design of a regulatory framework for the Industry 4.0 in enterprises.

Range of services, procedures and methods

ITCL supports the structured development of an Industry 4.0 vision and strategy for logistics as well as the design, prioritization and the productive implementation of key measures.

For this purpose, an end-to-end analysis of logistic processes is performed and the potentials of integrating Industry 4.0 solutions is analyzed. Based on these results, a corporate vision for logistics as well as its contribution to more efficient, more flexible and more robust value creation processes is determined. According to the defined scenario, necessary adaptation requirements for the existing logistics structures, processes and technologies are derived. Afterwards, these will be systematized to fields of action. The planning and technical support of measure implementation are also a part of the range of services offered by ITCL.

Due to the deep integration of science and practice, ITCL has comprehensive expertise both with regards to logistical future technologies and proven best practices. Accordingly, a sound and purposeful solution development is ensured, despite the novelty of the topic Industry 4.0 for logistics.

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