Manufactioring Excellence 2022

MX 2022

It’s that time again!

The MX Award 2022 has started!
Again this year you have the opportunity to complete the five stages

1st level (03.01. – 14.04.2022) – online questionnaire in the Self Assessment Audit (SAA)

2nd pre-selection (30.06.2022) – qualification of the best companies for the shortlist

3rd level (01.08. – 30.09.2022) – on-site analysis in the Business Review (BR)

4th final selection (04.10. – 21.10.2022) – evaluation and decision of the MX jury on overall and category winners

5th company feedback (24.10. – 25.11.2022) – Content feedback to companies

and the subsequent award ceremony (vsl. January 2023).

We are looking for best practice companies in our 12 benchmark categories!
Apply now and feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

Your Daniel Roy


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