MX Award 2019

The team of ITCL GmbH congratulates this year’s winners

  • Metallbau Windeck GmbH for the Best SME/ Customer Orientation
  • PAS Deutschland GmbH for the victory of the categories product innovation/ process innovation
  • Continental Automotive GmbH for overall victory and victory in the Information Technology category

“It was a unique award ceremony and a successful year for the MX in 2019. The fact that I was not only the assessor, but also the MX expert to lead the team in the creation of the MX Report this year, honors me and my team very much,” said Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy after the event.
And as they say: After the award is before the award and so the planning is in full swing. The application process for the MX 2020 starts on January 2nd. Anyone interested is welcome to contact us or visit the Manufacturing eXcellence homepage at for more information.

MX-Award 2019_Gewinner

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