MX Dialogue @Shopfloor – Engelbert Strauss CI Factory

Kick-off of the MX DIALOGUE @ SHOPFLOOR series –
guest at the Engelbert Strauss CI Factory

In a new, more flexible format, three to four one-day “MX Dialogue @Shopfloor” events are held instead of a three-day trip.

For the successful kick-off of the MX Dialogue@Shopfloor series 2022 at the Engelbert Strauss CI Factory, Matthias Fischer (COO) and his team provided insights into the fascinating and creative world of the engelbert strauss CI factory. Thus, the assessor team was able to gain live insights into excellent processes, generate new solution approaches and impulses, give feedback and entered into dialogue with other specialists.

Enclosed you will find the associated video “Learning from MX Champions and working out the future of production – MX Dialogue @Shopfloor” under the Youtube link.

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engelbert strauss CI Factory

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