MX Dialogue at Shopfloor on 06.04.2022

Kick-off of the MX Year 2022 | Finally live again!

Dear members and friends of the MX network,
Brand understanding, community, appreciation and batch size 1 at series production costs for highly individualised products, one-day shipping, in cooperation with 15 external finishing service providers with the highest degree of freedom of choice for the products – how does that work?
The “Transparent Shoe Factory” produces individual items in a plant interlinked for series production and achieves exemplary cost efficiency through the highest degree of automation.
engelbert strauss presents the core elements of the CI factory to the MX community – but not just for the individual site, but as an overall concept for the future: new paths are being broken by linking development, production and logistics.
The most important core elements are the digital twin of the factory, the interlinking with autonomous mobile robots, an extended virtual workbench through cloud connection, a connected warehouse and shuttle storage system with patented 1:1 order picking and the integration of an internationally networked development centre for innovative textiles. The resulting opportunities for international cooperation are also presented.
The COO, Matthias Fischer, will provide insights into the fascinating and creative world of the engelbert strauss CI factory – and will be available for dialogue with his team.

More information on participation and the event schedule, as well as the opportunity to register, can be found here on our website.

kind regards
Your Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy


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