NetLop Seminar of the Kühne Foundation

Digital Transformation – Human Factor

For the fourth time in a row, Daniel Roy participated as a speaker at the Kühne Foundation’s NetLop seminar in Schindellegi in 2018.

  • He gave 29 interested logistics managers from industry, commerce and logistics services the following information in a lecture and subsequent workshop:
  • Digital Transformation for Society, Companies and People
  • Corporate competencies and employee skills
  • Project examples of the ITCL GmbH
    Workshop – Human Factor

Digital Transformation for Society, Business and People
The first main topic was the steps towards digital transformation, which are currently being observed in companies based on the project experience of ITCL GmbH, and the steps that are already being considered. Depending on this development, there are dimensions of change with which companies are confronted. The changes result in challenges and recommendations for action for companies, which were discussed in a catchy way.

Corporate competencies and employee skills
What do these changes do to society, companies and employees? What do companies and their employees need to survive in a dynamic, increasingly digital environment?
Are we facing a devaluation of “work performance” and how can we turn the almost infinite amount of available data into information to make targeted decisions?
Based on the discussion of these developments, Daniel Roy presented various studies on the topic, such as Acatech. The study focuses on corporate competencies such as data evaluation and analysis, process management and the handling of specific IT systems. Prioritized employee skills include interdisciplinary thinking and acting, increasing process know-how and participation in innovation processes.

Project examples of the ITCL GmbH
The digital view is directed on the one hand at managers and on the other hand at their employees. In one or more “Digital Awareness Days”, ITCL GmbH sensitises managers by combining impulse lectures, activations in workshops and guided management conventions in the Berlin environment with visits to factories, innovation labs and start-ups.
The employee and management seminars focus on “Digital Added Value” with the objectives “Understanding”, “Enabling” and “Testing”. The participants will be enabled to optimize their own working environment with the help of the tool “Digitalization”, e.g. the digital waste types.
Based on the supply chain process, the start-up radar and relevant megatrends, the Future Work Requirements of Digital Suppy Chains project creates a digitization roadmap for companies in order to derive the requirements for the employees of the future from it and transfer them into detailed role profiles.

Workshop – Human Factor
After an introductory brainstorming on transformation barriers through digitization, these barriers were worked on in four groups using the headstand technology. As a result, strategies and measures were developed to reduce the reservations against the use of digitization as a tool for optimization.

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