In addition to our portfolio of services we offer meausures in competence management such as training seminars, learning factories, workshops and consortial studies

Training seminars

We offer both a wide range of training topics and seminars as well as preparations for upcoming intercultural challenges of your employees.

Selected topics:

  • Change management
  • Negotiation strategies and techniques
  • Requirements planning
  • Material flow optimization
  • Lean methods

Learning factory

The learning factory provides an experience-oriented and practical understanding of interactions and mechanisms of action on the basis of simplified value creation processes from practice.

Selected topics:

  • Implementation of lean methods
  • Training of management communication
  • Learn systematic problem-solving processes

Workshops and consortial studies

The goal of our working groups and consortial studies is the penetration of current and anticipated challenges in logistics and production together with multiple companies.

Selected topics:

  • Chances of Industry 4.0 for logistics
  • Use case potentials of big data
  • Flexibilization strategies in supply chains
  • Innovation creation and new forms of collaboration in contract logistics

Specific topics and websites


Learning factory for the process and pharma industry, co-developed by ITCL


Consortial study of ITCL and the TU Berlin about smart technologies in logistics

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