With a customized and flexible corporate structure, we create the basis for long-term success together

Our approach

  • Review of existing structures and support of designing completely new structures
  • Evaluation of the integrated customer order process from processing the sales orders in program planning to material requirements planning and control as well as manufacturing, supplier and transport control
  • Analysis with valid planning models and development of realistic planning alternatives
  • Benchmarking of analysis results with best-practice as well as reference approaches
  • Definition of actions with a definite effect on the process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensuring the flexibility and scalability of the solution during the implementation process

Our expertise

  • Development of logistics service concepts
  • Business models for logistics service providers and establishing customer added value by logistics
  • Redesign of program, order, stock and capacity planning processes
  • Realization of integrated performance measurement systems
  • Design of logistics and manufacturing footprints
  • Total landed cost and global footprint optimization
  • Design planning of procurement and distribution networks
  • Transport concepts and infrastructure planning
  • Rough and detailed planning of plant logistics structures and warehouses

Your value

  • Corporate structures, which will ensure the effectiveness of your company and the sustainability of the company’s success

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