Development and implementation of digital forwarding models for logistics service provider and loading.

Your challenges

The traditional business model of logistics service providers is increasingly endangered by new market participants. New providers with digital DNA are looking for their position in the logistics services market and convince customers with high transparency, more efficient processing and lower costs. For established companies in the market, the challenge is to meet their competitors effectively and to maintain long-term customer loyalty through their own e-freight-forwarding-based business processes. This is accompanied by the possibility of realizing efficiency gains on the part of both service providers and shippers by optimizing their own internal processes.

Our approach

Threat analysis - Structured competitive view of eFreight Forwarding

We analyze business models and competitors and evaluate the digital competitive situation for your company.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the customer structure and the corresponding customer requirements
  • Monitoring of the digitization and innovation level of the industry
  • Identification of existing and potential competitors
  • Analysis of the points of attack in the existing service portfolio and in market perception
  • Overall assessment of the current and future threat situation and derivation of possible courses of action and focal points of action

Digital business processes - Relevance-driven and implementation-oriented optimization

We develop digitization concepts for the internal optimization areas and show the efficiency gains to be expected.

  • Situation analysis of internal processes and interfaces
  • Identification and structured evaluation of optimization potential through digital processes (e.g. by avoiding media breaks in relevant main processes such as capacity procurement, booking, route configuration, consolidation and customs clearance)
  • Development of an eFreight-forwarding-based process organization consisting of standardized business processes, optimized data structure, harmonizing interfaces and systems as well as the development of an integrated quotation calculation (contracts, capacities, quotas, etc.)
  • Development of an implementation roadmap
  • Support for the step-by-step implementation of e-freight-forwarding-based business processes

Digital customer interface - Analysis and evaluation of suitable implementation options

We carry out a structured evaluation of the implementation options for digitizing the customer interface and its implementation planning.

  • Scenarios and evaluation of implementation options for digitizing the customer interface (e.g. customer portal, freight forwarding platform)
  • Business case estimation for acquisition / cooperation scenarios and own start-up company
  • Identification and evaluation of potential partners for implementation
  • Naming of implementation requirements (organization, processes, employees, etc.)
  • Development of a unique selling point and derivation of a collaboration roadmap

Digital services - Increasing customer benefit and customer loyality

Through new services and digital business models we increase your customer loyalty and ensure a future-oriented market positioning of your company.

  • Identification of new business models and development of new customer groups with similar content requirements (e.g. e-commerce companies, start-ups with a digital focus and logistically relevant fulfilment)
  • Identification of new and improved service offerings through increased transparency and networking of internal business processes
  • Increasing customer benefits through improved service offerings (e.g. increasing response rates or service levels)
  • Development and detailing of new offers (e.g. improved, more differentiated products for specific industries or customer requirements, service-accompanying products such as T&T and communication platforms)

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