Expansion of OE and digital competencies through sustainable transformation management.

Your challenges

In a highly competitive environment, continuous employee qualification is an important success factor. In addition to the acceptance of all organizational members, early transformation management must be pursued for sustainable implementation. This applies to classic lean management as part of operational excellence and increasingly to the changes resulting from digitization.

ITCL GmbH supports companies in the challenges of transformation management through the development of learning factories and the targeted development of employee competencies through training in the areas of operational excellence and digitization.

Our approach

Understanding of customer requirements - Identification of needs and requirements

Target group definition and analysis of external influences to derive internal requirements.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the customer structure, definition of target groups and analysis of external influences and changes
  • Derivation of relevant goals and necessary methodological competence
  • Identification of promoters of transformation in the company
  • Identification of implementation barriers
  • Development of a communication strategy and early integration of managers and decision-makers

Conception of the transformation - Development of a didactic and implementation concept

Development of learning and competence goals as well as a practical learning environment.

  • Definition of necessary learning and competence goals
  • Derivation of a target-group-specific didactic concept for employees and managers
  • Development of a practical learning environment, e.g. with a representative application case
  • Comparison of the learning contents according to the company goals
  • Possibility of transfer to a stationary or mobile learning factory

Employee empowerment - Competence development and creation of acceptance

Training of employees and transfer to their own working environment.

  • Training of employees and managers in the context of transformation management
  • Change between teaching theoretical training content and application in realistic case studies
  • Discussion and reflection of the training contents
  • Transfer of changes and effects on the own work environment

Testing and stabilization - Sustainable transformation through local implementation

Individual integration of employees and managers through application at their own workplace.

  • corporate post-processing of the training with managers and employees at their own workplace
  • Individual repetition and emphasis of the course content
  • Implementation and monitoring of implementation-on-site projects (“IOS’s”) directly at the workplace for the sustainable sustainability of learning content

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