The Logistics Efficiency Program is targeted at short and medium term generation of efficiency and cost benefits in logistics.

Your challenges

Due to increasing customer requirements and the resulting implications, logistics has a great significance for the competitiveness of companies. Products and information must be transported quickly, flexibly and efficiently across all levels of the supply chain and at the same time satisfy individual requirements. Logistics is therefore a central lever for cost savings and efficient business processes.

ITCL has developed a Logistics Efficiency Program based on its expertise for manufacturing companies. This focuses on four core areas in which companies can take effective measures to directly improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our approach

Focus on four core fields - Internal and external analysis areas

We concentrate on plant logistics and planning processes as well as supplier integration and the potential of external procurement.

  • Reduction of complexity by standard supply processes
  • Elimination of handling steps
  • Reduction of search and waiting times for material staging
  • Implementation of lean principles and shop floor management in logistics
  • Creation of modular and universally applicable container concepts
  • Smoothing the interface between production and logistics

On-site quick assessment - Process analysis and expert interview

We analyze the logistical processes with regard to performance, costs and quality characteristics of risk management.

  • Definition of clear call-off and delivery standards
  • Agreement on standardized logistics agreements with suppliers
  • Auditing of suppliers

Contribution of our expertise - Industry experience and understanding of methods

Through our cross-industry insights and methodological expertise, we develop recommendations for measures with a high impact on results.

  • Optimization of planning and disposition parameters
  • Reduction of planning stages and media discontinuities
  • Determination of differentiated target stock ranges of coverage
  • Setting efficiency targets using a process cost approach

Quick results - Effective in short-terms

The Logistics Efficiency Program supplies you with optimization potentials in your logistics in a short time.

  • Bundling, flexibilization and renegotiation of logistics contracts
  • Outsourcing of logistics services
  • Potential determination
  • Tender support
  • Negotiation and bid evaluation
  • Launch management

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