Assisted logistics assessment to increase cost efficiency and customer orientation.

Your challanges

For a uniform evaluation of SCM process quality, the automotive industry has created the Global MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operation Guideline / Logistics Evaluation), an industry standard that is valid worldwide, which makes it possible to evaluate the SCM performance and capability of the supply chain along the entire product life cycle and at the same time converts it into a continuous improvement process. The very comprehensive evaluation offers starting points for cost reductions and more efficient information and material flow processes.

Against the background of the challenges of an effective and efficient implementation of MMOG/LE, the ITCL GmbH has developed Audit Assist, a method which supports your company within the context of an expertly managed assessment process in the resource-optimal and sustainable implementation of MMOG/LE.

Our approach

Assisted assessment - Expert guided auditing

We support your audit with our expertise from a variety of industries and logistical problems.

Resource-optimized implementation - Preparation and documentation

Through structured preparation and efficient execution, your auditing effort is reduced.

Performance optimization - Fields of action and recommendations for levers for optimization

We analyze the results and structure the fields of action with concrete recommendations for improvements.

Audit documentation - Summary of audits

We create for you a documentation of the status quo sorted by chapters. This serves as structured proof of the annual audit.

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