Through successful outsourcing, leverage efficiency potential und reduce costs.

Your challanges

The purchasing of logistics services represents a complex control task for the logistics management. At the same time, high cost purchasing and outsourcing of logistics services offers high cost and efficiency potentials.

However, this requires structured preparation and the creation of the necessary internal implementation requirements. In addition, the concrete design of the tendering and bidding process offers a wide range of design options that have a significant impact on success.

The ITCL has identified four support areas in order to support the preparation and implementation of the tendering process in a structured manner and to implement it successfully.

Our approach

Potential assessment - Needs analysis, potential assessment and market screening

We support in quantifying the outsourcing potential and identify suitable providers the shortlist.

  • Development of the outsourcing strategy with the logistical areas and scope (interfaces, award model regarding infrastructure and IT etc.) to be outsourced as well as the objectives and requirements (competences, flexibility, costs etc.) for outsourcing
  • During the estimation of potentials, the quantification of the savings potential is carried out on the basis of a business case
  • Within the market screening, potential providers are selected for the tendered scope of services

Tender documentation - structured formulation of the subject matter of the tender

We prepare the tender documents, validate the quantity structure and develop anproject-specific pricing system.

  • Preparation of tender documents with all necessary information, which enables the bidders a structured understanding of the service to be provided and the underlying processes
  • Preparation and validation of the quantity structure
  • Development of a structured pricing model (settlement units, variabilization of fixed costs, etc.) and execution of a reference cost calculation

Process support - Qualified interaction with providers

We develop a comprehensive understanding of processes and performance parameters in supplier workshops and ensure the qualified implementation of your requirements.

  • Interdisciplinary provider workshops generate an overall understanding of the service to be provided in terms of process scope, performance indicators and infrastructural requirements
  • During the inspection of reference objects, the know-how and process capability of the supplier are scrutinized and evaluated
  • Structured question and response rounds create binding and transparent offer conditions

Offer evaluation / Negotiation - Leveraging potentials in implementation

We check the plausibility of incoming offers and assist in the preparation of the negotiations.

  • Analysis and validation of incoming offers
  • Identification of levers for price negotiations
  • Conception and implementation of advanced negotiation methods
  • Support in drafting contracts
  • Support of the project management after completion of the provider selection for the further implementation process

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