Individual platform for transparency and control of integrated real-time supply chains.

Your challanges

Heterogeneous IT system landscapes represent a major hurdle for the effective and efficient handling of supply chain processes. In many cases, media disruptions prevent the transparent presentation of information and financial flows. The integration of existing and new partners into the existing IT system landscape can impair the performance and real-time capability of supply chain visibility.

ITCL and Lobster support you in the context of a cooperation with a tailor-made solution from a single source: We advise you in the modelling of business processes and support you in the integration of all parties involved and the realization of a transparent and controllable  supply chain in real time.

Our approach

Identifying and refining requirements

Identification of the needs and customer requirements (ITIL Service Management) of a logistics strategy.

  • Identifying and bring relevant stakeholders from IT and business departments together
  • Definition of objectives for the introduction of an SCM system
  • Identify and organize logistical and IT requirements by using IT service management standards

Detecting potential and designing processes

Vulnerability analysis, process design (ITCL assessment) and translation into technical specifications (CTQ).

  • Process analysis and consulting to identify potentials
  • Modelling of target business processes for the definition of operative processes
  • Support, preparation or detailing of requirement and performance specifications

Developing and testing prototypes

Mapping of your business objects and processes as well as configuration of a customized SCM solution with Lobster_scm.

  • Configuration of business processes, controlling and monitoring rules as well as roles and rights,
  • Design of event notifications, dashboards und reporting interfaces
  • Implementation, training and test phase for a selected use case

Implementing and rolling out solution

Support of the go-live with the stepwise approach of regional or functional roll-out.

  • Planning of implementation and roll-out
  • Integration of external partners as suppliers, logistics service provider and customers
  • Visualization and transparency through dashboard and reporting
  • Control through orchestration of operational processes

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