RIO – Study on the efficiency of the RIO ecosystem

Panel discussion at the IAA in Hannover

  • Study of the ITCL GmbH and TU Berlin on the efficiency of the RIO Öksystems
  • Positive evaluation of the implementation effort and the flexible business model
  • First efficiency gains in cost savings, increase in capacity utilization, increase in service Quality

Hanover, 21 September 2018: Since the launch of the Marketplace in January 2018, RIO has been growing continuously – currently more than 2,000 customers are already using the digital services. The International Transfer Center for Logistics (ITCL) GmbH and the Technische Universität Berlin conducted a study to investigate the efficiency of the RIO ecosystem to proactively obtain feedback and development impulses from customers. The study shows that some users are already benefiting from lower costs, increased resource utilization and improved service quality and security with RIO.

More information:
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy
Phone: 030 / 34 66 00 15
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