Management and employees

Shareholders and management

Dr. Stefan Doch

Dr. Stefan Doch
Managing Director at ITCL
Lecturer for Logistics System Planning at the Technical University of Berlin

Prof. Dr. Frank Straube
Shareholder and founder of ITCL
Head of the Chair of Logistics at the Technical University of Berlin



Daniel Roy

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy
authorized signatory and Managing director of ITCL
Lecturer for Digital Leadership at the German Logistics Association (BVL) e.V.

Project management


Wegner Riana_Foto

Dipl.-Ing. Riana Wegner

Till Hesse

Till Hesse M.Sc.



Our employees have an interdisciplinary university education in engineering and management and are distinct graduates of their semester. They form a qualified team with an international background and solid work experience in industry, commerce and services.

Every employee is an expert in different topics and has through the successful implementation of various projects expertise in industry-specific problems as well as relevant methods and proven approaches.

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