Trends and Strategies in Logistics

Pathway of Digital Transformation in Logistics – Best Practice Concepts and Future Developments

The research study “Pathway of Digital Transformation in Logistics” deals with today’s logistics challenges, which are increasing speed and the integration of real-time information for data-driven services, implementing new organizational and leadership structures as well as the need for finding approaches for cooperation with new actors such as start-ups or tech companies. Therefore, the study examines four thematic building blocks central to current developments in logistics: technologies, including platforms, and data-driven services as tools and leadership and organization, as well as open innovation as enablers. The research approach is twofold. First, we investigate the four topics by means of an online questionnaire answered by 120 international participants. Second, a Delphi workshop with 32 logistics experts from industry and LSP reveals further evaluations of success factors and barriers for future developments in logistics. The study describes findings how companies move forward on the path of digital transformation towards smart logistics by presenting and discussing best practice concepts and future developments in logistics.

To download this study, please click here.

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BVL – Digital Leadership in Logistics

BVL Seminar: “Digital Leadership in Logistics – The Way to Successful Digital Logistics Managment”

Digitization has found its way into every logistics company and sector and is making a big difference. As an executive or member of middle management, you need new knowledge and skills to develop and implement the transformation of your “digital logistics”.
In the two-day BVL seminar Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy will introduce you to the contents. This is how you learn the dimensions: To recognise changes in organisation, processes, technology and employees in order to use digitalisation for future planning. The goal is the sustainable installation of changes in the logistics organization.


  • 18.09.2019 – 19.09.2019 in Bremen
  • 12.05.2020 – 13.05.2020 in Hamburg

Event: BVL Seminar – Digitization in Logistics

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy

Further information on the event can be found at:


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Logistics Day 2019

Logistics Day 2019: “Artificial intelligence in logistics – more than just a hype”.

ITCL at the logistics practical seminar of the logistics chair of the Technical University Berlin on 11.04.2019.

This year the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) is once again organising the Logistics Day, where industry, commerce, logistics services and science will provide a broad audience with insights into the multifaceted topics of logistics.

According to the motto “Artificial intelligence in logistics – more than just a hype” the practical logistics seminar of the Logistics Department of the Technical University Berlin will take place again this year. Riana Wegner, Senior Consultant of the ITCL, will give a lecture on “The way to artificial intelligence – between wish and reality”. In the context of this lecture, the current state of digitization from the ITCL project experience and our approach on the way to digitized and smart logistics using selected project extracts will be described.

Further information on the event can be found at:

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MX Assessor Workshop

ITCL at the MX Assessor Workshop on 22 March in Aachen, Germany

Our member of the management board, Dr. Daniel Roy, took part in a two-day workshop in Aachen together with the assessors of the MX network.

Programme items were among others

  • Factory tour at e.Go
  • Production of electric vehicles in Smart Factories
  • Qualification in the context of digitization in the Digital Capability Center

I would like to thank you for your insight into the production of e-vehicles and the technical possibilities in a Smart Factory as well as the use of technology in new learning environments.

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World Class Connected Industry Conference 2019

World Class Connected Industry Conference 2019

ITCL at the World Class Connected Industry Conference on 28 March in Frankfurt am Main.
Together with our customer Dr.-Ing. Michael Homuth from Vorwerk International Strecker und Co., our managing director Daniel Roy will give a lecture at WCCI 2019 followed by a discussion on “Digital Transformation impacts into Supply Chains – How to deliver cyber-physical products”.

Contents are:

  • Digital product transformation in European logistic networks
  • Supply chain controlling enables transparency
  • Designing a customer centric real time supply chain

Further information on the WCCI Conference 2019 can be found at:


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German Logistics Congress 2018

Dear customers, dear colleagues,

the motto of this year’s congress was “Digital meets Real”.
We took up this motto and created a digitalization roadmap together with you in an interactive exchange. The exchange was lively, controversial, unanimous, but especially constructive. The team of ITCL and I would like to thank you very much for this!
There was great interest in our stand at this year’s German Logistics Congress. We were very pleased about that and say thank you to all visitors who could experience a “piece of the future” with us.

True to the motto “After the DLK is before the DLK” we also want to make an interesting offer for you in the next year. What would be interesting? Which topics should be highlighted more in the future? We are curious!
We will continue to process the topics and incorporate them into our portfolio in order to be able to offer you tailor-made offers in logistics and digitisation also in the future.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your Daniel Roy


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35th German Logistics Congress

35th German Logistics Congress

From 17 to 19 October the 35th German Logistics Congress will take place at the InterContinental in Berlin and of course we will be there again.

As a partner at the interface between digitization and logistics, we once again supported numerous companies in the targeted planning and implementation of transformation processes.

This year’s topic “Digital meets Real” will be taken up by us in order to realize digitization together with you on the basis of a roadmap or at least to visualize the way there in a first step.

Where should the journey take us? Which challenges will you expect and which potentials will be accepted?

If you are just as enthusiastic about this exciting topic as we are, then visit us at our stand at the DLK near the InterConti winter garden between L.A. Café and Raum Dahlem.

Or arrange a personal meeting by email.
We would be pleased to meet you in Berlin.
Further information on the 35th German Logistics Congress can be found at:

digitale Roadmap
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RIO – Study on the efficiency of the RIO ecosystem

Panel discussion at the IAA in Hannover

  • Study of the ITCL GmbH and TU Berlin on the efficiency of the RIO Öksystems
  • Positive evaluation of the implementation effort and the flexible business model
  • First efficiency gains in cost savings, increase in capacity utilization, increase in service Quality

Hanover, 21 September 2018: Since the launch of the Marketplace in January 2018, RIO has been growing continuously – currently more than 2,000 customers are already using the digital services. The International Transfer Center for Logistics (ITCL) GmbH and the Technische Universität Berlin conducted a study to investigate the efficiency of the RIO ecosystem to proactively obtain feedback and development impulses from customers. The study shows that some users are already benefiting from lower costs, increased resource utilization and improved service quality and security with RIO.

More information:
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy
Phone: 030 / 34 66 00 15
Further information can be found at here

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Effizienzstudie für RIO – the logistics flow

Effizienzstudie for RIO – The logistics flow

ITCL GmbH together with TU Berlin will conduct a study on the efficiency of the logistics platform RIO. The focus is on the effects on the

  • Efficiency in the implementation and application of RIO and
  • Efficiency in physical vehicle processes

Questions are among others

  • Where do users already have quantifiable savings and efficiency gains in their logistics processes today?
  • In which areas do customers expect the greatest added value in the future through real-time data availability and transparency?

The complete press release can be found here:

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NetLop Seminar of the Kühne Foundation

Digital Transformation – Human Factor

For the fourth time in a row, Daniel Roy participated as a speaker at the Kühne Foundation’s NetLop seminar in Schindellegi in 2018.

  • He gave 29 interested logistics managers from industry, commerce and logistics services the following information in a lecture and subsequent workshop:
  • Digital Transformation for Society, Companies and People
  • Corporate competencies and employee skills
  • Project examples of the ITCL GmbH
    Workshop – Human Factor

Digital Transformation for Society, Business and People
The first main topic was the steps towards digital transformation, which are currently being observed in companies based on the project experience of ITCL GmbH, and the steps that are already being considered. Depending on this development, there are dimensions of change with which companies are confronted. The changes result in challenges and recommendations for action for companies, which were discussed in a catchy way.

Corporate competencies and employee skills
What do these changes do to society, companies and employees? What do companies and their employees need to survive in a dynamic, increasingly digital environment?
Are we facing a devaluation of “work performance” and how can we turn the almost infinite amount of available data into information to make targeted decisions?
Based on the discussion of these developments, Daniel Roy presented various studies on the topic, such as Acatech. The study focuses on corporate competencies such as data evaluation and analysis, process management and the handling of specific IT systems. Prioritized employee skills include interdisciplinary thinking and acting, increasing process know-how and participation in innovation processes.

Project examples of the ITCL GmbH
The digital view is directed on the one hand at managers and on the other hand at their employees. In one or more “Digital Awareness Days”, ITCL GmbH sensitises managers by combining impulse lectures, activations in workshops and guided management conventions in the Berlin environment with visits to factories, innovation labs and start-ups.
The employee and management seminars focus on “Digital Added Value” with the objectives “Understanding”, “Enabling” and “Testing”. The participants will be enabled to optimize their own working environment with the help of the tool “Digitalization”, e.g. the digital waste types.
Based on the supply chain process, the start-up radar and relevant megatrends, the Future Work Requirements of Digital Suppy Chains project creates a digitization roadmap for companies in order to derive the requirements for the employees of the future from it and transfer them into detailed role profiles.

Workshop – Human Factor
After an introductory brainstorming on transformation barriers through digitization, these barriers were worked on in four groups using the headstand technology. As a result, strategies and measures were developed to reduce the reservations against the use of digitization as a tool for optimization.

If you have any further questions or comments, simply contact us.


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