Studies and market research

ITCL conducts individual empirical studies on specific logistics trends, market trends and customer requirements. This enables us and our partners to anticipate developments and challenges with new logistics approaches. The knowledge of regional market developments also forms the basis for the development of specific business development strategies and differentiated global logistics concepts. When conducting studies, the cooperation with our scientific partners allows us to generate results in a timely manner while taking into account large sample sizes. The methodology of our research based on questionnaires, interviews and expert forums.

Potential analysis of material and energy efficiency in selected sectors of the metal-processing industry

Rough analysis of efficiency potentials and precision analysis in the fields of technology, peripherals and optimization methods.

Carried out on behalf of the VDI ZRE, financed by the national climate protection initiative of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

Use-case potentials and application scenarios of telematics


Deriving recommendations for product management and strategy development

Carried out on behalf of a provider of telematic applications

Trends and developments in intralogistics


Investigation of future developments in intralogistics of industrial companies and determining the resulting requirements and market opportunities

Carried out on behalf of a logistics technology provider

Trends and developments in contract logistics


Study of logistics trends and developments in industry and commerce with subsequent derivation of future requirements for contract logistics

Carried out on behalf of a logistics service provider

Safety in the air cargo supply chain


Survey of industrial and commercial enterprises and logistics service providers as well as authorities about the status quo and future requirements for the safety of the air cargo supply chain

Carried out on behalf of an aviation company

Screening of customer satisfaction


Investigation of customers satisfaction with regards to service fulfillment and subsequent derivation of strategic recommendations

Recurrent execution on behalf of a logistics service provider

Potentials of the consumer goods and commerce industry


Identification of opportunities and risks of a market entry in Germany with subsequent assessment of strategic options and derivation of recommendations for actions

Carried out on behalf of an international logistics service provider

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