About ITCL

The International Transfer Center for Logistics (ITCL) GmbH is your partner for future-oriented strategy development, planning of corporate structures, as well as cost and performance optimization in your logistics.

We are experts in various areas of the customer order process and have profound knowledge in logistics and purchasing.


We support cost reduction measures and performance optimization in plants, warehouses as well as transport and contribute to increase the efficiency and effectiveness with customized lead-time and reliability concepts.

Through demand-based planning of logistics services, customized logistics networks and modern logistics infrastructure, we create the basis for long-term efficient structures and processes.

We develop prescient strategy and organizational concepts in logistics that allow the utilization of opportunities created by new technologies and meeting sustainability and flexibility requirements.

In addition to our portfolio of services we offer competence management measures.

Both corporations and medium-sized companies of different industries rely on our expertise.
Until now, we have successfully implemented more than 100 projects for our customers.

Automotive industry and suppliers


We assist in futuristic trends such as new technologies, sustainability and flexibility and improve order planning and operational logistics processes.

Machinery and plant engineering


Through intelligent supply and plant logistics processes, we enable a high cost efficiency and performance in various single and small series production processes.

Aviation industry


We help companies with solutions for supply assurance, to increase the transparency in the aviation supply chain as well as new business models.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry


With lean concepts, we increase the performance of the company and assist in targeted meeting of the regulatory complexity costs.

Consumer goods industry


Through responsive and flexible planning processes, we enable organizations to identify customer needs quickly and to generate customer value through logistics.

Logistics service providers


We help logistics service providers in strategic development and organization of their range of services and develop an innovative and customer-oriented service portfolio.

ITCL has a comprehensive collection of methodological competence, which is used in the context of various planning and innovation topics. The used methodological tools are proven standard tools as well as our own innovative approaches and methods that always ensure a systematic approach and target-oriented solutions.

The in-house developed solutions include amongst others the ITCL Green Logistics Assessment, which allows a detailed assessment of emissions for transport and intralogistics processes, the Logistics 4.0 Navigator to develop future logistics scenarios as well as the LogPlaner, a warehouse sizing and cost-effectiveness analysis tool.

Close partnership with the Logistics Department of the TU Berlin

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Straube, Head of the Chair of Logistics at the Technical University of Berlin, is the founder of ITCL GmbH. The Department of Logistics is a teaching and research department at the TU Berlin for more than 30 years, which adresses logistics-specific as well as interdisciplinary issues in a national and international context.

The Department of Logistics is regularly one of the strongest research departments at the Technical University and was awarded with the “Hochschulpreis Güterverkehr und Logistik 2014” (college award freight transport and logistics 2014) by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Prof. Straube is part of an international network of research institutes and associations in Europe, Asia as well as North and South America.

Since 2005 the cooperation with the logistics department and its international network enables both partners the integration and transfer of research and practice in activities of project innovation, teaching and training.

Our customers benefit from…

… the close connection of ITCL to the Department of Logistics through

  • its proven expertise in the field
    of international trend and strategy research in logistics,
  • the implementation-oriented research in the area of future technologies,
  • teaching and training.

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