Webinar: Risk-based Supply Chain Analysis & Optimization

Invitation to Webinar: Risk-based Supply Chain Analysis & Optimization – Towards the Supply Chain Risk Control Tower

appointment: Thursday, November 26, 2020
start: 10:00 am, duration: 90 minutes
ITCL Speakers: Dr.-Ing. Daniel Roy, Till Hesse

Risk as opportunity

Only when a problem occurs is a solution sought – this is still the case in many companies. In supply chain management this can lead to existentially threatening failures in the supply chain. Globally distributed value chains are increasingly exposed to risks. The focus here is not only on classic topics such as supply security, but increasingly on topics such as the digitalization of business processes and the new risks that this brings with it, such as data security.

That’s why our approach is: work proactively on optimizing your supply chain and keep an eye on key KPIs to counteract potential risks at an early stage.

To do this, you need a sound risk management system with an efficient methodological toolkit to identify and evaluate risks in a targeted manner, select suitable measures for secure and robust value-added processes, and act quickly and purposefully when risks occur. In addition, software that helps you with the concrete detailed planning of measures is an important key element.

PSI Logistics GmbH and the International Transfer Center for Logistics (ITCL) GmbH support you in this! How? We will show you in our joint webinar.

Further information about the event as well as the possibility of booking can be found here:


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